BravoSolution Upcoming Webinars

Creating Transparency in the Supply Chain to Reduce Risk

29 August 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A

Labor and Human Rights. With the advent of disasters like Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, as well as factory work in low cost countries, working conditions are becoming a hot button for many companies. […]

Supplier Relationship and Value Management: Does your organization have what it takes?

26 September 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A

There’s no point designing an SRM programme if your organization lacks the competency to deliver it. Equally, simply training people without an agreed SRM method or strategy is a route to wasting your […]

Measuring The Immeasurable:KPIs Have Been Replaced With QNVs (Quantified New Value) Find Out How To Create Them

11 October 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A

This webinar will explore the new performance measurement dimension of procurement.

The traditional measures have served us well, but it’s time we moved on and showed our creativity and our credibility at the same […]

2017 Real World Procurement Series

Now entering its sixth year, the Real World Procurement Series is designed to provide procurement professionals with essential insights into procurement practices – the people skills, process efficiencies and empowering technologies needed to drive a successful procurement function.